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Beauty formulated through the state of art technology and novel chemicals has always been a fad. But the need and importance of maintaining healthy skin and hair is a classic movement that never goes out of style.



Co-founded by Jayshree and Parimal Shah in 1986 Cinderella Herbals was established with an idea to provide salon like results to customers from the comfort of their homes. Embracing the 35-year-old tradition and heritage, Cinderella Herbals has been a familiar name amongst the beauticians. Once known for their Herbal Face Pack, the company is paving a path in the commercial beauty industry with 32 handcrafted products. Catering to all skin types these products are chemical free and provide nourishment to skin and hair through age-old traditions. Capturing the essence of natural beauty Cinderella herbals celebrates cultures and heals the mind and the body. Promising no miracle just effective results that glorify heritage and natural beauty.

Cinderella Herbals is leading this bandwagon of organic beauty through handcrafted products that glorify tradition and celebrate natural charm. Cinderella handcrafts results that enhance as well as embrace your daily skin and hair routine through natural alternatives.

reasons WE love YOU

100% Natural

We make 100% natural products which comprises of pure and organic ingredients. There are no added colours, preservative, perfume and chemicals in them. Products are sulphate and paraben free.

Traditional Recipes

We maintain age old traditions by using the simple recipes which are long established in order to have effective results.

Sourced Locally

The raw materials are sourced locally that are sustained for generations. The connection between skin care, hair care and herbs adds a little bit of nature in your life every day.

Freshly Made

Freshly prepared skin care, hair care and treatment products are something you will get at Cinderella, giving it all the benefits of its natural ingredients.


Handmade products are unique in its kind. They are not mass produced and so the quality of the product is environmentally sustainable. We at Cinderella create each product by utmost care. We spend time looking for Eco Friendly suppliers and local producers for our raw materials. The formulations of each product are derived from age old recipes which makes them one of a kind. Each product is created with love and the thoughtfulness of the need of the buyer. As a wellness brand we offer exclusive products which range from skin care, hair care and treatment products. What sets Cinderella Herbals apart from other brands is that we make fresh batches of each product which is exceptional. Cinderella products are FDA approved and are made under its guidelines. Each batch is tested for the consumers safety. Organic essential oils and herbs comprises of Cinderella Herbals.

100% Natural
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free
Praben Free
Sulphate Free

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